Supply & Burn Mechanism

PROTO Supply

PROTO has no transaction swap fees. 10% of the total PROTO emission rewards will be distributed to the team for partnerships, giveaways, marketing, core team rewards and other development activities.

PROTO emissions are affected by Quantum Supply.

  • 1.8% auto-burn mechanism for every PROTO transaction. No more applied in Fantom

  • Via swapper => swap ELCT for PROTO before the end of the 72h "lockup period" and a linear decaying penalty will be applied to the swap (up to 30%).

  • Via OTC Market => There is a 5% fee applied on each PROTO - ELCT transaction, and PROTO taken in fees are burned.

ELCT Supply & Burn Mechanics

ELCT has a built-in linearly decaying penalty that applies to swaps that utilize the Swapper function; the max penalty on the swap is 30%, and will be reduced to 0% over a period of seventy-two (72) hours.

Moreover, ELCT taken in fees for each trade on the OTC Market are burned.

ELCT emissions are affected by Quantum Supply.

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