Zap from Token to LP

How to zap a Token to a Liqidity Provider Token


  • ( If not already done, connect your wallet! )

  • ( If not done yet, accept the terms and conditions of ProtoFi ! )

  • Check if you have enough $FTM in your wallet for the transaction fee

  • Be sure to have the token ready which you want to zap to a LP token

How to zap a Token to LP

  1. Select your desired token to zap

2. Select your desired LP token pair.

3. Insert desired amount you wish to zap. ( click on your balance for MAX amount )

4. Double check if your choices are correct and if yes, click the "Zap it!" button!

5. Double check again if the estimated amount is +/- what you have expected! If it is OK, please click on "Confirm Zap" to initiate the transaction process!

6. Check estimated gas fee in your wallet and modify manually if necessary, else click "Confirm" .

7. Wait for the transaction to finish. When it is done, you will see a banner in the upper half of the website and a confirmation from your wallet extention or app.

Done! Congratulation, you have successfully zapped a token to a LP token!


You can always double check on the according Block Explorer if the transaction was successful or not. The shown example transaction happened on the Fantom Opera blockchain. You can check out FTMscan ( ) to see happened during your transaction!

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