Investor Protection Logic

We've included additional Tokenomics logic and mechanisms with this goal in mind. The main objective is to protect investors from bad actors and events that could have a negative impact on them, and the Proton token price.

The current version of ProtoFi does not rely on any Oracle. Due to the recent exploits that used them as an attack vector, the team decided not to include an external reference in the first version of the ProtoFi DEX and Farm.

Another important decision the team made for the project's first iteration is the deployment of immutable smart contracts on which the team has a limited scope of intervention. In particular, the team cannot arbitrarily update or change the underlying code.

Investorโ€™s Protection Mechanisms are configurable by ProtoFi. Although any changes are protected by Timelock, and would have to be approved by the ProtoFi leadership, also announced to PROTO investors and the community in advance.

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