Our fees system is the following:

  • 0.5% deposit fees on non-native farms: 75% to the Fission, 25% to the team

  • 0.15% fees on all swaps: 100% to the Fission (MoneyPot)

You can learn more about the Fission here.

A transaction cost is a charge from the underlying network transport (i.e. the Fantom Network) for processing your wallet interactions with the Swap/AMM and Yield Farm features.

Technically, when you use the Swap/AMM and Yield Farm you are actually interacting with the Smart Contracts that are setup for each service.

An example is the Native Farms - when you stake your ProtoFi LPs in the farm, Harvest your ELCT or withdraw your ProtoFi LPs, you will have to pay a transaction cost. The cost depends on the complexity of the Smart Contract process/logic, however, you will always be able to review the proposed transaction and costs in advance, before approving it. If you are using MetaMask - a transaction window should be displayed in your browser, every time a transaction has to be processed.

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