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We believe it is critical to continue adding new pools to gauges in order to not only increase ProtoFi's TVL, but also to incentivise new Fantom ecosystem liquidity on ProtoFi in order to provide our users with additional trading options. And who better to give the opportunity to propose pools than our core token holders! Hence, starting now, veELCT holders (500k+ tokens) can propose new gauges to the team!


- Must hold more than 500k veELCT tokens - The number of proposal per address will be limited to 1 and, - All proposals, even if approved, are subject to review by the team to ensure the token is suitable for inclusion in the gauge.

How to submit a Community Gauge Proposal?

  1. Click on "New Proposal"

  2. Submit a proposal as follows: (Let's assume you want to add PROTO-USDC pair)

Community Gauge Proposal - PROTO-USDC

I propose to add PROTO-USDC to the Gauge & Bribe System.

A short description why the proposed token pair should be included in the gauge.

PROTO : description and useful links

USDC: description and useful links

In the token details above, please make sure to add: 1. At least one official link of the project 2. A short description and the type of coin (stable/not stable) 3. Release date if it's an unknown coin

That's it! Your proposal is ready for vote and team's review.

The Voting Process

To allow the team to gauge ProtoFi users' interest in the proposal, all veELCT holders will then have the option of voting For, Against, or Abstain. The voting period will last between 3 and 5 days.

Looking forward to see your responses. Should you have any questions, donโ€™t hesitate to ask!

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