How to stake in Fission

Fission staking contains really simple steps, everything you earn in Nucleus Farm can be compounded in Fission in order to earn juicy DAI rewards, forever.

Head here:

  1. On the DAI earned you will see your daily rewards, you can claim them or leave them there, they are accumulating as long you remain staked or use the Harvest button to claim.

  2. The "+" button is how you can stake more ELCT, if its your first time then you will see an Approve ELCT button. Note: the moment you add more ELCT to the staking pool, you will retrieve all the earned DAI automatically.

  3. APR or annual percentage rate, is the monetary value or reward that investors may earn by making their crypto tokens accessible for loans, taking into consideration the interest rates and any other fees that borrowers must pay. By staking your ELCT, you start earning Swap and other fees from the protocol.

  4. Your Stake field will show how much you staked so far.

  5. And finally the most important, is your share of the pool, that shows how much percentage of the protocol fees are actually making it into your wallet! The more fees the protocol is earning, the more you earn!

Press the "+" button, select Max then Confirm.

And done! As explained earlier your DAI rewards are automatically harvested, and now the supply added shows in Your Stake! Now all you have to do is to keep harvesting ELCT rewards from your Nucleus farm or buy ELCT using PROTO from the OTC Market so you can hold the size of your Fission pool and keep earning those juicy DAI rewards!

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