The sale will aim to raise a total of 100k FTM (hard cap) to substantially help bootstrap the ProtoFi protocol’s initial liquidity and dividend distribution system to 40k FTM respectively and help us deliver a higher quality product to you, our investors. It will also enable us to conduct the necessary marketing to ensure a successful launch of the project and cover the initial operating expenses along with part of the costs relevant to the upcoming development of the protocol ensuring a very high standard is maintained.

  • IDO Cap: 100000 FTM

  • PROTON pre-sale price: 0.1 FTM

  • Maximum investment per address: 3000 FTM

  • The listing price will be 0.1667 FTM

Considering a total raise of 100k FTM, the proceeds of the sale will be allocated as follows, listed in order of priority:



Initial Liquidity

40000 FTM

Dividend Distribution - Fission Boost

40000 FTM

Hiring, Marketing & Future Development

20000 FTM


100000 FTM

The amounts listed above are in order of priority. So the team will receive funds for "Hiring, Marketing & Future developments" if and only if the amount raised is above 80000 FTM.

The Fission Boost is used to bootstrap the dividend distribution system - known as Fission - for Electron holders and stakers.

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