The Fission pool is one of the core innovations of the ProtoFi protocol and the current method used for dividend distribution. It allows investors to deposit ELCT, which represents a share in the protocol and entitles its holders to receive dividends in $DAI.

When locking ELCT to participate in governance and the gauge, you will receive lockedELCT which is used for staking in Fission to earn DAI rewards.

How to get lockedELCT

  1. After confirming the ELCT lock in Gauge Voting (completing steps 1 - 9 in how to get veELCT), lockedELCT tokens will be immediately sent to the connected wallet.

  2. Then just head to Fission from the Nav bar and you'll see a modified pool card that accepts both ELCT and lockedELCT.

  3. Click on Approve lockedELCT button (if you are approving it for the first time) or the "+" button.

4. It will open a dialog box where you can specify the amount of lockedELCT you would like to stake.

5. Confirm the amount and the approve on Metamask. You will be ready to earn those juicy DAI rewards!

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