How to place a limit order (Metamask)


  • Have FTM in MetaMask on Fantom Opera for the gas fee.

  • Have the token you want to place a Limit Order with in MetaMask on the Fantom Opera chain.

Step by Step guide:

1. Go to ProtoFi App.

2. Connect wallet.

3. Go to the Nav bar, click on Trade and select Exchange.

4. Click on "Limit"

5. Select if you want to create a buy or sell limit order for the asset.

6. Select the assets you want to set a limit order for.

7. Choose the amount you want to trade and set the price you want the order to execute at.

  • Always leave FTM in your wallet for the gas fee

  • The displayed value in the price input means, โ€œThe price you want to trade your X amount of tokens forโ€

8. Click on Allow Gelato to use your token (DAI)

9. Confirm the transaction on Metamask

10. Click on Place Order

11. A confirmation window will open with an Accept Disclaimer toggle.

12. After you click on Accept Disclaimer, the Confirm Order button will become active. Click on it to confirm the order

13. Confirm the transaction on Metamask and you are done! The limit order will be executed once the market price of the asset meets the price entered in Step 7.

14. You can manage all your orders from this section on the bottom right.

Please note: Orders will expire after 3 months from the date of creation.

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