The Fission pool is one of the core innovations of the ProtoFi protocol and the current method used for dividend distribution. It allows investors to deposit ELCT and earn interest in StableCoins, which represent a share in the protocol and entitles its holders to receive dividends. In the near future, it will also enable to actively participate in the protocolโ€™s governance model which aims to be the first to be truly operated by its users.

This is not the first time something like Fission has been attempted in the DeFi space, in particular, an infamous BSC dApp comes to mind. It was known as โ€œMoneypotโ€ and, since Uranium has been exploited twice, we have decided to re-implement an improved mechanism in order to guarantee a bullet-proof solution with superior performance.

Fission is the core of the protocolโ€™s current iteration. Together with our Quantum Supply, ProtoShield and ChronoLock, Fission in our opinion has the power to transform a standard yield farming fork - that are basically ponzi schemes doomed to die - into something sustainable.

Starting 3 days after farming start.

The team will start to deposit in the Fission a portion of the deposit and trading fees collected.

For more information about the collected deposit and trading fees you can have a look on the Fees section.

Only Electron holders can participate in the Fission pool and own a share of the ProtoFi protocol.

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