Q: Why I cannot stake my LP? A: You will first have to create your LP pair in the Protofi DEX with 50%/50% Ratio in Dollar value. Go here to create your LP: https://fantomdex.protofi.app/#/pool

Q: Why I cannot buy proto even if I use high slippage? A: You can only buy PROTO on the following decentralized exchanges: https://fantomdex.protofi.app/#/swap https://app.firebird.finance/swap Proto doesn't own any liquidity on Spookyswap. More to come!

Q: Why does my DAI balance go to 0 when I add more ELCT to the fission? A: Whenever you add more supply to your liquidity your current reward will be automatically harvested and sent to your wallet.

Q: Why more TVL is bullish for the PROTO price? A: Because more TVL means that in our DEX people can swap with less slippage their tokens and this implies more money coming from the 0.15% swap fees. Considering that all the swap fees go to the Fission for ELCT users that are staking, if there are more money for them it means people are more willing to farm ELCT by buying PROTO and pair it with FTM or USDC to farm more ELCT and stake them in the fission.

Q: Why is not bullish for PROTO when a new LP is added in the Fusion as a NON-native LP? A: People think that there will be more selling pressure! That is NOT correct. The selling pressure will the exactly the same (because we do rebalance the ELCT/PROTO emission by changing the multipliers) so basically there are just more persons sharing the same "cake" but the selling pressure remains constant. Q:What are the multipliers? A:The multipliers represent the portion of the PROTO or ELCT emission dedicated to a certain farming pool. Let's make an example. We know that in Nucleus you can farm ELCT and in Fusion you can farm PROTO Let's assume the emission/block is 10( to makes things easier to understand). Let's also assume that the sum of the multipliers is 100x with 70x shared between the NUCLEUS (natives) pool that generate ELCT and 30x shared between the FUSION pools that generate PROTO. This means that there will be, every block, 7 new ELCT in circulation and 3 PROTO. If one pool as an emission of 5x (always assuming that the totality of the multipliers is 100x) then that pool will have 5/100 = 5% of 10. If this pool is a Fusion and non native pool then it means it will has a dedicated emission of 0.5 PROTO per block.

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