How to Swap and add Liquidity

In order to swap and add liquidity there are a few simple steps you must follow, those steps are the same for any token you want to swap.

For getting LP tokens, there are extra steps to follow.

Go to:

Go to Liquidity tab here:

Press the "Add Liquidity" button and go to the next step.

The amounts must be equal in both fields, therefore we will press "MAX" button for PROTO then press "Supply".

Once you hit Supply, your Metamask will pop up asking for you to confirm.

Once finished, you will get a confirmation.

Stake LP tokens in the corresponding farms

Now since you picked Proto-USDC LP you must head into Nucleus Tab here:

Select the PROTO-USDC Farm and go on to the next step.

Press the "+" button , select "Max" and then "Confirm".

Your previous earned rewards will automatically go into your wallet and your LP will be updated. Now to see how much Electron you are earning per day select the Calculator.

And this is it! Now head on to How to stake in Fission in order to learn how you can become a share holder and earn daily DAI rewards.

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