Given a certain emission per block, farmers will obtain Proton or Electron based on what kind of farming they are investing in.

  • Nucleus farmers (native farmers) will obtain ELCT.

  • Fusion farmers ( non - native farmers) will obtain PROTO.

Only the Nucleus farmers, by participating to the Fission, will have the chance to earn a portion of the fees generated by the protocol.

From a company point of view, you can see Electron as the share of Protofi that gives you the possibility to earn dividends by means of the Fission.

You can instead see the Fusion farmers, and so Proton farmers, as the company bond holders.

How to get it?

By staking your LPs in PROTO/USDC and/or PROTO/FTM farms. Instead of getting Proton, you will receive the exact same amount of Electron.

What for?

By holding and staking Electron, you give the users guarantees about the durability of our protocol. Doing so, you become an investor in our project, so it's natural that you'd be rewarded for this!

Every block, all the Electron stakers will receive a fraction of the dividends coming from Fission, proportionally to their share of the Electron circulating supply.

How to stake my Electron?

You have to go into the Fission Tab and stake your ELECTRON.

The rewards will need to be harvested.

How to sell my Electron?

If you just want to take your profit and sell the Electron you harvested in our farms, there is only an extra step : you have to swap them against Proton. You can do so whenever you want by using the Swapper or by selling it on the OTC market where you can obtain a higher PROTO:ELCT ratio than on the swapper.

The ratio between PROTO and ELCT is 1:1 on Swapper, but only if you have held them for at least 72 hours. If not, there will be a 30% adjustment (1:0.7 ratio).

In short :

  • Selling 1 Electron with an AHT (Average Holding Time) of +72 hours will always give you 1 Proton.

  • Selling 1 Electron with an AHT (Average Holding Time) of 48 hours will give you 0.9 Proton.

  • Selling 1 Electron with an AHT (Average Holding Time) of 24 hours will give you 0.8 Proton.

  • Selling 1 Electron just after the harvest will give you 0.7 Proton.

Consider that if you stake and then unstake your Electron from the Fission, your timer will reset.

So to increase your AHT you should keep your Electron in your wallet by renouncing to participate in the Fission (MoneyPot) dividend distribution.

All your hold history will be taken into consideration for the AHT. For example, if you have been holding AHT for 7 days, those 7 days will be taken into consideration when calculating the average staking time.

The totality of the adjusted Electron will be automatically burnt.

In this way, we can adjust the repartition of the benefits of our platform to foster the long term investors instead of the ones with a more short-term vision.

This is a fairer and more durable approach from our point of view.

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