How to attach bribes

Bribes are incentives given to veELCT holders in exchange for their vote for a specific farm. Anyone can attach bribes to a farm and holders who vote for it are then able to claim rewards.

How to attach a bribe to a farm?

1. Go to ProtoFi App.

2. Connect wallet.

3. Go to the Nav bar, click on Gauge Voting and select Lock & Vote.

4. Scroll down to the section: Vote to boost your farm

5. Click on the farm you want to add bribes to. The card will expand

6. Click on the Add Bribes button

7. A dialog box will open where the bribe amount can be added.

8. After inputting the bribe amount, click on Approve.

9. Confirm the approval on Metamask.

10. Then click on Add Bribe button.

11. Confirm the transaction on Metamask.

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