NFT Integrated Farming

A preview into a soon-to-be-released feature regarding NFTs and ProtoFi


As part of our new partnership with The Fantoms, ProtoFi will - at some point after launch - introduce NFT pools. The logistics behind exactly how we plan to integrate the NFTs into our protocol is still under discussion, and may be subject to change as we continue to build on the partnership.

Current Concepts

  • NFTs planned to be mintable with $FTM or $PROTO

  • NFTs are be categorized into five different rarity tiers, with higher rarity NFTs providing a greater % farming APR boost while holding or burning them

  • NFT mechanics planned to be designed in such a way that allows for multiple NFTs to be equipped for a larger % farming APR boost. Use two or more NFTs to boost your APRs all at once!

  • NFT artwork designs is in-line with our protocol's general theme

Sneak Peek Artwork 👀

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