How to get veELCT


  • Have MetaMask set to the Fantom Opera Network

  • Have $ELCT and/or PROTO tokens in your wallet

  • Have $FTM in your wallet for gas fees

Steps to follow:

1. Go to ProtoFi App

2. Connect wallet.

3. Go to the Nav bar, click on Gauge Voting and select Lock & Vote.

4. Enter the amount of PROTO or ELCT you want to lock.

5. Enter the length of time you want to lock PROTO or ELCT.

  • Longer lock period generate more veELCT

  • Locked PROTO or ELCT cannot be unlocked until the lock period ends

6. Click on Approve.

7. Confirm approval in MetaMask.

8. Then click on Lock $PROTO / $ELCT tokens.

9. Confirm lock in MetaMask.

10. After confirmation, you will still be able to add more tokens or increase the lock duration by clicking on โ€œChange lock periodโ€.

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