Electron Token (ELCT)
Symbol: ELCT
ELECTRON is PROTONโ€™s counterpart and the basis of our unique protocol; it represents a share in ProtoFi enabling its holders to be rewarded with dividends, which are paid out each time the Fission (MoneyPot|s) is active. The token will also serve as ProtoFiโ€™s governance token giving our investors full control over the protocolโ€™s future and its assets โ€” please refer to our roadmap for more details.
ELCT canโ€™t be bought or sold directly and the only way to obtain ELECTRON is to stake PROTO in our pools.
ELECTRON can then be staked in our Fission pool(s) in order to start receiving dividends, or alternatively can be converted into PROTONs and sold using our Swapper functionโ€”both accessible from the ProtoFi appโ€™s main menu.
Last modified 18d ago
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