As DeFi users have seen time and time again, the great majority of DeFi products suffer the same fate: the token and its protocol loses momentum, falls to 0 and the project ultimately meets its end. Many different attempts have been made to avoid this pitfall and add lasting value to the ecosystem - ranging from layered farming to exotic burning mechanisms.
We ourselves as the architects behind this project have participated in countless projects spanning various networks. We observed and noted innovative tokenomics that various protocols have implemented over time - we're taking what we believe to be the best aspects of protocols we've participated in as well as a few of our own unique ideas all in the pursuit of long term value creation.
And thus, ProtoFi was born. We welcome you, the investor, to the first community-driven, user-owned AMM on the Fantom Opera network that focuses on long term sustainability and value creation for shareholders by giving the opportunity for investors to own a piece of the protocol itself - and, by association, the profits it generates - in combination with other innovative tokenomics.
Stake PROTO, earn ELCT and own part of the protocol's revenues!
Landing Page: https://protofi.app/
Last modified 1yr ago